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Mother's Day in lock down

Life in lockdown seems to make weekdays, weekends and holidays all blur into one. So if you can’t remember what day it is sometimes you wouldn’t be the only one!

However, there is a very important date coming up, which if you fail to prepare for could land you in serious trouble with your mum.

Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to share some ideas of how to celebrate Mother’s day in lockdown.

For those of you who live far away from your mum, why not arrange a family zoom call. You could even have afternoon tea or lunch together to make it extra special.

If you live together, how about letting your mum enjoy that well deserved lie in. You may want to bring her breakfast in bed - If she’s an early bird make sure that you set that alarm clock.

You could leave post it notes with all the things that you love about your mum around the house. Write whatever comes to mind.... memories, reasons why you love her or all the things she does that you appreciate! Give her as many reasons you can to light up with love. You could even include small gifts and turn it into a Mother’s day scavenger hunt.

If you both have a shared interest then how about searching for some online workshops. That way you can both spend some quality time together and learn a new skill!

You could create a little scrapbook with your favourite photos for a trip down memory lane. If you’re techy you could even compose a short video.

Why not plan a home spa evening. You could perhaps treat the two of you to a new skincare set, get some bath bubbles, face masks, essential oils. Set the scene if you can, by dimming lighting, listening to spa music and burning essential oils.

You could have a cheese and wine night. Just grab her favourite bottle of wine and reminisce about childhood memories.

Lastly, you could plan a post lockdown trip together. Why not bring the spa to you, we have packages that we can offer to all holiday venues in the UK.

We hope that these ideas will please some amazing mothers. We have e-vouchers which can be purchased as gifts, including a special mother’s day package. Drop us an email to find out more.

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