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How to throw a lock down spa-arty

Many of you, have birthday's happening in the midst of lock down. With so much sadness and loss in the world, i know the last thing on a lot of peoples mind is celebrating. But it’s good for your mental health to have things to look forward to and have a little fun while trapped indoors.

Whilst being in #lockdown, i have missed going out and socialising with my favourite people. However I have found some ways around this; I can host an online party through most video platforms such as Skype or Zoom. where I can invite my friends and loved ones.

I am planning to invite some friends online to join me for a spa party. It's not the same thing as going to a spa, but its the next best thing.

I thought that I would share some of my favourite products which will be perfect for this!

#Nealsyardremedies have a fantastic range with products available for all skin types. The products are infused with aromatherapy oils which enhance levels of relaxation.

Illumine create #fragranced candles with a natural soya and coconut wax blend. They would make a perfect gift for a horoscope lover with their range of zodiac themed candles- each of which has its own unique blend of scents which smell absolutely gorgeous.

My feet have been hibernating all winter so Margaret Crackled heel #Treatment is my saviour now that we are heading into spring! Margaret Dabbs products are results-driven and incredible for hand and feet care. The Crackled Heel Treatment is formulated with cocoa and shea butter perfect for repairing dry and cracked heels. They're infused with oregano and manuka tree oils making them anti-bacterial. My feet are smoother than they have ever been.


My acts of self-care at home

Doing exercise, running, home workout videos , listening to podcasts, home workouts, painting, taking a nice bath are just a few things of many we can do at home for our well-being.

Self care is crucial to me to feel healthy and balanced. Below are a list of activities that have help me to add little acts of TLC into my day.

Doing exercise


Home workout videos

Listening to podcasts

Painting my home

Taking a nice bath

Cooking my favourite #meals

Taking short walks with my family

Spending time in my garden

Doing crafts with the children

Deep #cleaning - I love watching #MrsHinch instagram story to get me in the cleaning mood.

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