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Indian Head massage


Indian head massage is a deep tissue style massage that focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. 

It helps to release negative energy in any of the Seven Chakras (Energy Centres) in the body, which can manifest as disease or injury. 

Pressure is applied to specific points on your neck, shoulders and head, which correspond to each Chakra. This unblocks the Chakra and allows energy to flow freely around the body. 

It’s the perfect way for your employees to relieve stress and feel refreshed and energised!

sports massage


We bring everything needed for the massages including your massage tables and can advise on the best set up for your event.

Sports massage at events can help to release tension and pain from muscles and joints, enhance performance and help speed up recovery after exercise. Where ever we work, we are always super busy and the massages are really appreciated by all.

on site Massage


Therapeutic massage can relax and refresh the mind and body. 

We use specially designed massage chairs for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

All we need is a private and peaceful environment and we can relieve fatigue, stress and tension. Your employees will return to work feeling energised and positive about the rest of the day.



Reflexology is a type of massage that is performed on specific parts of the body.  Different amounts of pressure are applied to the feet, hands or ears.

Stress blocks the flow of qi (vital energy) in the body, which can cause imbalances and illness. 

Reflexology massage keeps qi flowing freely and helps to maintain balance and good health. 

Reflexology can strengthen immunity, reduce pain, manage stress and anxiety, boost mood and improve general wellbeing.

Yoga session


Yoga classes focus on creating balance through gentle strength and flexibility exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques. They bring a wonderful sense of wellbeing to all participants. Our qualified instructors are available to lead individual or group sessions. From drop in taster sessions to structured classes,  yoga can be a popular addition to any event.

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