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Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you have likely been chosen to be a significant part of your friend or relative’s wedding. But what does the Maid of Honour role mean, and are you expected to do anything?

Historically the Maid of Honour was a decoy for the bride in case evil spirits descended on the wedding! So much has changed since then, but there is still no detailed job description for a Maid of Honour. Your bride-to-be may be super organised and require very little from you, while others may want your input on everything. So it’s going to vary, and my best advice would be to keep talking to each other! The one thing you can be sure of is that you will be in charge of the Hen Party! Yes, the bride-to-be may lay down ground rules and ideas, but the planning and organisation of this event are in your hands. Now, don’t worry! Organising this can be a lot of fun! However, it can also be like chasing actual hens. Ideas, budgets and expectations can vary greatly, and what started as fun can soon become a nightmare. . On the big day, it’s about making yourself available and being by her side. Making sure that she has everything she needs, is looking for her best and is as calm and relaxed as she can be on her big day. You may have to organise the other bridesmaids or even liaise with the best man to ensure everything goes smoothly. For example, you may be asked to do a reading or give a speech at the reception. Ultimately you will be there for your friend in whatever she may need, which is probably why she chose you in the first place!

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