Bournemouth today is a famous tourist resort on the south coast of England. It is fairly large and is located in the country of Dorset. It is a well-populated town. Bournemouth is to the east of the “Jurassic coast”.

As you can imagine, you enjoy an unadulterated view of the coast. This town enjoys a pleasant and mild climate; its summers are especially warm, dry and sunny. This town is approximately about 107 miles away from London and overlooks the Pool Bay. Bournemouth’s strength not only lies in its scenic and ocean beauty but also in its rich history.

Tourists swamp this town in every season. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in England. Bournemouth by no means is a quiet town, it has many pubs and night clubs to its credit. The nights here are filled with entertainment and fun. Most of the clubs run all night long.

Bournemouth boasts of historic and ancient settlements. This town also boasts of several large financial companies. What is great about Bournemouth is that it has both beauty and a rich history. The town has done its best to maintain its natural resources, which seem to attract tourists from all over and also done its bit to provide adequate facilities for its visitors to ensure they have a relaxing vacation and to provide a pleasant environment for its residents.

A visit to Bournemouth is a treat especially in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life. You can be guaranteed of a relaxing and refreshing vacation. At Bournemouth, you get to stop and stare at the many wonders of nature that our God has so generously created.