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Terms & Conditions


 Contracts between Love pamper company and the Therapist shall include these Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct and the specific Contract relating to each Booking.


These Terms and Conditions will apply to all current future bookings with love pamper company unless otherwise agreed in writing.


1 Definitions

The terms here in shall be given the following meanings:

Agreement means any agreement entered into by Love Pamper Company and the Therapist for the provision of Services by the Therapist incorporating the terms of each Contract and these Terms and Conditions.


Therapist means the Freelance and insured, professional person(s), firm or company who shall supply the Services for or on behalf of Client means the person, company or organization for whom the Services have been requested.


Booking means period during which a Therapist provides holistic, beauty and wellbeing Services to the Client incorporating these terms and conditions.


Service means the Service/s provided by the Therapist at the Booking.

Individual means the individual guest/employee of the Client attending the booking who has requested the Service.


Premises’ means the service location address.

Fee means the price for the Services as specified in the Booking;

Registration means the initial registration of the Therapist by Love Pamper Company.


1.2 In these Terms and Conditions and Agreements, references to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and references to the masculine, the feminine and the neuter shall include each other such gender.


2. Application of Terms and Conditions:

2.1 These Terms and Conditions (and the contents of the Contract terms) shall apply to any and all Agreements for the supply of Services by the Therapist to the Client at any time as arranged by Love Pamper Company to the exclusion of all other Terms and Conditions including any Terms and Conditions which the Therapist may seek to apply to any contract terms or similar document.

2.2 Agreeing to these Terms and Conditions on acceptance of a Booking shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Therapist's acceptance of this Agreement and agreement to abide by the contents of any Contract.

2.3 The Therapist is not employed by love pamper company and all Therapists are deemed to be self-employed. Further, this agreement shall not be deemed to create any partnership or joint venture between the Therapist and Love Pamper Company.


3. Love Pamper Company’s obligations

3.1.1 Love Pamper Company shall:

3.1.2 Record all relevant information of the Therapist as sent by the Therapist onto the database and protect the information in accordance with current Data Protection Legislation.

3.1.3 Make regular contact with Clients using its reasonable endeavors to secure Bookings for the Therapist but without providing any warranty or undertaking in respect of securing and providing such work for the Therapist.

3.1.4 Use reasonable endeavors to make contact with the Therapist at the earliest opportunity when a request for the Services of a Therapist is received from a Client providing full Contract conditions and details of the work available to the Therapist along with timings, locations, service requirements and fees payable to the Therapist. Any such contact shall be made to the latest contact details provided by the Therapist to Love Pamper Company or, if no details have been provided since registration, to the details provided at registration.

3.1.5 From time to time, Love Pamper Company may need to amend Contract timings and associated fees based on the wishes of the Client.

3.1.6 Shall be under no obligation to provide the Therapist with (and offers no guarantee of)

A minimum number of Bookings or duration of the Services





4. The Therapist's obligations

4.1 The Therapist shall:

4.1.1. Adhere to any time limits in respect of the provision of Services as required by Love Pamper Company and/or the Client.

4.1.2 Ensure correct and proper behavior in any capacity whatsoever in accordance with this Agreement and the provision of the Services;

4.1.3 Be and at all times during the provision of the Services presentable, responsible and enthusiastic. No swearing, abusive, inappropriate, offensive or disrespectful language is to be used at the Booking.

4.1.4 Ensure prompt arrival at the Premises’ of a Client -30 minutes, prior to the time at which the Services commence as per the Contract start time. Love Pamper Company reserves the right to withhold all or part of the Fee (in love pamper company’s absolute discretion) in the event that the Therapist fails to comply with the times and/or date of providing the Services at the Booking.

4.1.5 Not at any time during the provision of the Services be under the influence in any capacity whatsoever of alcohol or drugs of any kind whatsoever. Further, Love Pamper Company operates a strict non-smoking policy for all Therapists during the provision of the Services. In the event that the Therapist smokes during a designated break whilst providing the Services then this must be done so in an appropriate and designated area (in accordance with current no smoking laws) and out of sight of the Client and/or Individuals.

4.1.6 be able to hand out business cards only if a Client expresses an interest in receiving further 1-2-1 treatment with the Therapist. The Therapist is required not to actively tout for business whilst at a Booking and that for any group or corporate referrals, these are directed back to Love pamper company.

4.1.7 Notify Love pamper company immediately of any enquiry, discussion or approach in respect of the provision of group Services whatsoever made to the Therapist before, during or after the Booking.

4.1.8 agrees that, at all times (during and after termination of the engagement), will only use Confidential Information for the purposes of providing the Services and will not disclose any Confidential Information to any other person, organization or other third party without the prior consent of Love Pamper company. The term “Confidential Information” shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, all information which is disclosed to the Therapist by Love Pamper company (directly or indirectly) or which the Therapist otherwise obtains which is not publicly known including any trade secrets, know-how or other commercially sensitive information, ways of working, processes, products used, love pamper company’s documentation, membership lists, Client lists/details and/or information, other love pamper companies therapist’s contact.


Information, proposed publications, fees paid to Love Pampers suppliers and details of Love Pamper company’s personnel and/or contacts

4.1.9 Inform Love Pamper Company at the earliest possible date prior to the Booking if unable to provide the Services for any reason whatsoever. If any fee has already been paid by Love Pamper Company to the Therapist prior to the date of cancellation, then this Fee shall be repaid immediately.

4.1.10 notify of any changes to personal contact information in writing including, but not limited to, address, telephone number (including mobile telephone number), bank details and email address.

4.1.11 undertake own risk assessments in respect of the provision of their Services;

4.1.12 comply with any obligations set out in any Contract for any Booking, which are incorporated herein by reference;

4.1.13 notify Love Pamper Company or the Client using the contact details provided in the Contract if the running late. A fine may be incurred at the sole discretion, if the Therapist does not to arrive at the contracted arrival time set out in the Contract, or if the Therapist does not materially comply with the contents of the Contract in any other way (up to 30% of the fee).


5 Payment

5.1 In consideration of the Therapist providing the Services as set out in the specific Contract, Love Pamper Company agrees to pay the Therapist the Fee (including any agreed parking expenses) within 30 days after the date of the Booking, on the provision that an invoice has been supplied to Love Pamper Company at least 3 days prior to the date the Fee is due.

5.2 Love Pamper will pay the Therapist by way of BACS. As such the Therapist agrees to provide Love Pamper Company with their current bank details within the bank section of the Therapists’ online account and not less than 3 days prior to the date that payment of the Fee shall be made. Further, any future payments to the Therapist will be made using the details held on file unless Love Pamper Company is notified otherwise in writing.

5.3 Full details of the Fee are set out in the Contract.

5.4 If Love Pamper Company disputes the payment of any amount to the Therapist, Love Pamper Company shall be entitled to withhold payment until such time as it is satisfied that the dispute has been dealt with.

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